I've never played rugby before!

No worries. That is the whole point of the X Code Challenge - the search for athletes who have potential rugby talent.

What should I wear?

Any T-shirt and a good pair of shorts (not the flimsy type!). We would recommend you wear boots to the sessions as they provide more traction when running on grass. But if you are reluctant to invest in pair, perhaps you could borrow a pair from someone you know.

How can I find out more about the Game?

You can read a short introduction with video links on our Rugby 7s page but there is nothing like trying it out for yourself!

Are there a lot of injuries in this sport?

As with all sport, injuries occur most often when a person is either not conditioned to participate or if they are not equipped to execute the movements required to play the Game. The Singapore Rugby Union's High Performance coaches will be teaching you to play the game in a safe manner.

Why is there a different program for those aged 10-16 years old?

Safety and welfare is a key feature in the introductory program and based on World Rugby Guidelines, this ensures that participants with broadly compatible physical development and skills levels play with and against each other.

OPENS Program

What if I cannot make all the 3 sessions, should I still come?

If you are keen but are unable to make any of 3 the sessions, please sign up and leave a note in the remarks column and someone will get in touch with you.

What is the pathway for X coders to the National Team? What happens if I'm not shortlisted?

Over the three sessions, the participants will be divided by ability so that learning may be tailored to suit the skill level of each group.

After the three sessions, those who are shortlisted for the accelerated program will be directed to a specific program.

Those who are not shortlisted for the accelerated program will be directed to the existing clubs/schools to continue to learn the game and may gain selection to the National Team through participation in the Club 7s Series or SEA Games Open Trials.

How will I know if I am good enough to be shortlisted?

The only way we can answer that question is if you sign up and attend the sessions!

10-16 yr old SRU-TRC Program

Does this mean I / my child will be joining Tanglin Rugby Club?

No. The wonderful folk at TRC are supporting this initiative to help grow the women's game at this age group!

What happens after the 4 week introductory program?

The aim is to be able to form teams of U12s, U14s and U16s to play in a mini tournament in Jan to March and hopefully participate in an overseas tour in April.