Rugby 7s

Women's Rugby is one of the world's fastest growing team sports. With the inclusion of Rugby Sevens at the 2016 Summer Olympics, the game is receiving unprecedented attention from sports administrators and spectators across the globe. The last few years has seen the increase in numbers of professional women's sides and the Women's Sevens Series is now one of World Rugby's marquee events.


What is Rugby Sevens ? 

Played with 7 in each team on the same sized pitch as the 15s aside game, Rugby Sevens is extremely physically demanding at the elite level.

Except for a few variations, the rules are the same as the 15 aside game in that:
  • the ball can only be passed backwards
  • players may run forward with the ball, pass or kick it
  • only the ball carrier may be tackled  
  • there is a contest for possession of the ball after the tackle and at re-starts

However, the amount space available to the players in 7s to run makes the game incredibly fast paced and also allows for each player to demonstrate their individual flair.

Each game is played in two 7 minute halves, which means in a day, a team would be playing several games at a rugby sevens tournament.

Watch some of the key components of the game.